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The Founder of the Order of the Black Rose

The Founder

The Founder of the Order of the Black Rose



The mysterious figure known only as "The Founder" of the Order of the Black Rose cuts an enigmatic presence, shrouded in mystery and elegance. The figure is always seen in a bone-like humanoid face mask, hiding their face and body from view. Despite this, the aura of power that surrounds the Founder is palpable, commanding attention and respect. The holes of the mask for eyes, but dark pools that provide no clues.

The Founder's formal, all-black suit is always immaculate, and they are most always seen wearing a dark cloak made of fine fabric. The cloak is lined with a rich satin material and is fastened at the neck with a rose emblemed clasp, further emphasizing their sense of mystery and elegance. The hood of the cloak always conceals the head, and if seen without the cloak, the black wrapping around his head can be seen, usually topped with a black Homburg hat. in some cases, he can be seen with small colored accents in his attire, but usually are not consistent.

Their scent is a mixture of spices, with a hint of something otherworldly that adds to the already eerie and mysterious air about them. Their scent is unique, distinctive and alluring, leaving a lingering impression long after they have left the room.

The Founder moves with a grace that belies their immense power. Their every gesture, every step is calculated, giving the impression of a being who is in complete control of their surroundings. The Founder's voice, when they choose to speak, is deep and commanding, with a hint of an esoteric echo that adds to the air of mystery that surrounds them. In their presence, it is impossible not to feel the weight of their authority and the strength of their presence.


The Founder is a enigmatic, commanding presence that exudes power and mystery. They are a natural leader, with a presence that immediately captures the attention of those around them. Despite their shrouded appearance, their aura of power and control is palpable, leaving no doubt as to their status and authority.

The Founder is an elusive figure, revealing little about themselves and maintaining a air of secrecy that only adds to their already mysterious and intriguing personality. They are highly intelligent, with a strategic mind that allows them to plan and execute their actions with precision and ease.

Despite their intimidating presence, the Founder is not one to be underestimated. They possess a sharp wit, and are able to use their words as effectively as any weapon. They are a master of psychological manipulation, and are able to read people with remarkable accuracy, using their insights to further their goals and interests.

Despite their power, the Founder is a surprisingly patient individual. They understand that the greatest victories are often achieved through careful planning and preparation, and are not afraid to wait for the right moment to act. They are a being of unwavering determination, with a resolve that is unmatched by most.

They are a master of control and influence, able to command respect and obedience from those around them. Their mysterious and enigmatic personality, combined with their immense power and intelligence, makes them a truly formidable presence. Yet most might only experience the sight of him roaming through the Order in rare occurrences. It is the Grandmaster of the Order, and perhaps their council of five that is most likely to interact with the Founder. yet, the passing presence, and silent, eyeless stare at the new members can still leave a shiver up their spine

Rumors & Backstory​

The elusive figure known as "The Founder" of the Order of the Black Rose remains a mystery to the outside world, but to members of the secret society, they are a mentor, a guide, and the ultimate authority. The Founder formed the Order in the 1800s in New York and has been the head of the organization since its creation. Despite being shrouded in secrecy, the members of the Order are certain that the same individual remains at the helm, never having passed the mantle to another.

Rumors and legends swirl around the Founder, painting a picture of a being of immense age and possessing vast esoteric knowledge. It is whispered that they possess magic capabilities unmatched by any other magic wielder, yet they rarely show off their power, only unleashing it in defense of the Order when it is threatened.

The Founder holds the members of the Order in high regard, viewing them as family, and is known to personally protect them in dangerous situations. They have the final say in the appeals of members, superseding the decisions of the council or grandmaster, but trust in the established leadership of the Order and only intervene in exceptional circumstances. The Founder's presence is commanding and their voice, deep and mysterious, echoes with a hint of the esoteric. In their presence, it is impossible not to feel the weight of their authority and the strength of their presence. As the Founder remained the central figure in the organization, and the members continued to whisper rumors and legends about their enigmatic leader, adding to the already eerie and mysterious air that surrounded the Order. The latest is that he is not from any of the known worlds but from another unknown one.

Additional rumors surrounding the Founder suggest that they possess the power to manipulate time and space and have lived for centuries, if not longer. However, none of this information has truly been confirmed. Their all-black attire, including the fine, dark cloak lined with rich satin and fastened at the neck with a rose emblem clasp, adds to their air of mystery and elegance. The bone-like humanoid mask that conceals their face and body only adds to the intrigue and allure of the Founder, as do the dark pools that serve as their eyes.

OOC Information
This is an auto-approved character sheet and will be taking over as the group admin.

This "character" is a Game Master (GM) anonymous profile that will stand in as the founder of the Order of the Black Rose on an as-needed basis. The actual Founder is among you, playing as a character without reference to their OBR position. It could be anyone...

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