The Roleplay Studio

The RP Studio is founded by players who never could find the right home due to fictional censorship of dark themes and unwelcoming members. After running several groups focused on a single genre and lore, Aisling Studio became a concept for our family to explore more diverse stories across all genres be it 1x1 or lore-based strict groups all in one place.

Our mission is to provide literary freedoms for aspiring authors for solo writing and collaboration (Also known as Play-by-Post Roleplay) where it is safe to express dark themes without censorship while still being built on friendliness, acceptance, and respect.

We are always looking for new friends to join our family and express their own wild imaginations!



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Bear with me, the site is new and most are probably not used to this software! I am working on a more formal onboarding system to help new accounts.
For now, please look at the following and reach out if you need any help!

To update your Player or character profile

click your name in the top right corner of the site to view your dropdown of options - > click on Account Details
This is the direct page to update your profile information
Note: if a question is left blank then neither the question nor any answer will show on the profile.

You have to be logged into the specific account you want to edit.

To link a new Character account

Click your name in the top right corner of the site to view your dropdown of options - > click on Account Details -> On side bar click "linked Accounts"
From here you should see an option to "Create sub accounts", click this to open the menu.
Linked accoounts 21Linked accoounts 22Linked accoounts 23


Click the chain link icon in the top navigation, and click "Create new sub-account"(#1) for a faster way to get there. (#2 is the fast method to toggle between accounts)

Linked accounts 1
You will be provided with two options.
  • The top section is what you will use if you already created another account but it is not yet linked with your 1st. All you do is enter the username and password of the account you are trying to link to the current one and submit.
  • The bottom section is if you wish to create a linked account from scratch. Enter the desired user name, leave the email blank, and put in a password for the account. It can be the same password as all other accounts if you like, only you have access to passwords. Do not forget to submit it!
Either choice you use, after submitting the account will be created and/or linked with drop-down access.
Finish process linked accounts
NOTE: This site does not require you to have a player account. However, it is suggested you have a primary account you link all your characters. If you link new characters to sub-accounts, then they might only be accessible from that specific character which can get confusing and require you to relink them all later.

User names should reflect the publically known identity of the player or character. (as shown in #2 in the image above as "John Smith")
If you are making a player account and it does not match your discord handle. then please make sure you add your discord ID to ensure you receive any potential membership benefits.

For character accounts, You can use an alias and full names such as "John Smith" as usernames accept spaces. Please remember this is your username to log in as well; if it is long and complicated, make sure you have it copied somewhere you can cut and paste easily if logged out.

I am pretty sure the envelope in the top right-hand corner is all you needed to see to know where your private conversations were going to be. These DMs only include the people you invite, and you can hold entire roleplays in them with ways to organize your inbox.
However, this only exists per account. You will need to swap to each account to see their individual messages or alerts.
You can "follow" any thread from your main account, and upon first threads or replies you get this options if posting from your main account, but use the drop-down menu

I hope that is enough to get everyone started! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
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With the new style for the site, you now have some great options for customizing your personal experience visually.
You can now choose from a small selection of backgrounds easily from the top navigation bar that remains attached to your account (or the current character/account you are on). In the same menu, you can change some other settings that will give the site a different look and feel as well.
With the lightbulb toggle, you can swap the main content boxes from light to dark mode.

Screenshot instructions​

#1 a toggle for backgrounds and style settings for you personally
#2 swaps the main interface from light to dark mode and visa versa

Select from 10 different backgrounds and customize the site layout.
What each one does is pretty self-explanatory. Note: you can change the background without affecting the light or darkness of the main content. Only the lightbulb button toggles this separately.

As you can see below, #2 is the light switch and you can see the general difference with the same background.


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Thread Covers​

Much like member profiles (having a cover and avatar like social media) you can also upload or choose presets for thread covers. This sits at the top of the entire thread. A preset is auto-provided, but you can change it with a few clicks of a menu..
If you choose from the small selection of presets, the image is as is. However, if you provide your own by upload or URL, then you have to reposition it and save it. Yes, you can change it all you want.

Screenshot Instructions​

Click on the "cover" button to open the menu
#1 you can upload or select from a URL
#2 selection from some pre-uploaded images
Here is what the pre-set menu looks like. Just click any you like. But scroll down to see more. They might take a while to load depending on your connection.

Once you select a preset. it's all set! See? Pretty!

Here is the menu if you want to use your own. As you can see, I already selected an image from my computer. Then press "Okay"

If you see the drag option in the center of your picture, then you are not finished. You can move the image up and down or even side to side depending on the image size.
Once you have it where you want it, click the "save position" button to finish - then its all set!



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If you haven't already opened your account preferences, then definitely do so. You have a lot of options to go through from setting your time zone, types of alerts, auto-watching content, How you see DMs, Font size, and so much more.
Open up your account settings and take a look at every tab on the sidebar. It's good to be familiar with all that is at your fingertips and it can dramatically change your experience on the site.

NOTE - Every account you make for a character has its own settings. You won't need to worry about emails if you left that box blank, but if you want the rest of the settings, you will have to do each individually. It's best to do it when you create the account, otherwise, it might feel tedious to do a bunch of accounts all at once.

As you can see below, there are a lot of options when you click your name. This is a screenshot I used for the tutorial above. you can click account details, password & security, privacy, Preferences or nearly any other button in this menu to get to your control panel.
Linked accoounts 21

If you are in your control panel, and you want those preferences, the link is on the side bar as the arrow shows. But really, you should take a look at everything.
Preferences 1

You have a lot of control over your account. You can toggle off email-reports, or even hide your online status.
Setting your time zone is important if you want to see dates and times associated with your time and day.

Preferences 2

Alerts are the red dots you will get on the top navigation bar over the bell icon. But depending on your other settings, these might also get emailed to you. You have full choice to toggle all of this.
Preferences 3


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Introducing Prefexes and Tags​

Prefexes are optional (and in some cases mandatory) drop downs next to thread titles. These can be used to tag threads with important information that can only be used when a thread is first being started.

Our prefixes for the most part are for warnings for triggering, erotic or otherwise NSFW content.

Our other prefixes are in character application areas to identify prndong and approved character sheets.

Tags are like #tags in common social media like instegram and tweets. You can use tags to identify specifics of threads, profiles resources ans more. If you have proper permissions you might be able to make your own rather then use our presets.

What our the presets?
Most all the presets are for genres of RP, 1x1, group, rapid fire, etc to help ease of thread sorting in the future of the sote growth.

Later a full list and screenshots will be shared for reference.