The Roleplay Studio

The RP Studio is founded by players who never could find the right home due to fictional censorship of dark themes and unwelcoming members. After running several groups focused on a single genre and lore, Aisling Studio became a concept for our family to explore more diverse stories across all genres be it 1x1 or lore-based strict groups all in one place.

Our mission is to provide literary freedoms for aspiring authors for solo writing and collaboration (Also known as Play-by-Post Roleplay) where it is safe to express dark themes without censorship while still being built on friendliness, acceptance, and respect.

We are always looking for new friends to join our family and express their own wild imaginations!

  • Terms of Service


    Site Membership Terms of Service

    The Roleplay Studio Terms and conditions for membership, and posting. Please make sure you read, understand, and follow. Breaches in our terms of service will be moderated.

    Terms of Service
    Upon registration of any account, you are effectively agreeing to our terms of service. It is your sole responsibility to inform yourself of rules, guidelines and abide by them. These rules and regulations are in conjunction with site host terms of service and USA laws.

    Site Rules

    1. Out-of-character bullying, trolling, guild trips, DM harassments, manipulation, mental abuse, threats, discrimination, disrespect, or otherwise malicious behavior is not tolerated for any reason. Respect of diversity, lifestyle abnd beleifs goes both ways.
    2. Rules of roleplay etiquette that exist in all roleplay communities apply. See section below pertaining to this topic if you are not familiar with them.
    3. This is a 3/3/3 rated community, Rated R, for language, violence, and sexual content. Triggering content is allowed in posts, your discretion is advised. This community believes in freedom of literature.
    4. Writing sexual content involving minors and bestiality in any form is prohibited not just by our rules but US Laws.
    5. This community is considered a recreational activity. Please keep it clear of content unrelated to provide a safe place where people can unwind
    6. We, as staff, reserve the right to interpret behavior as we see it and talk to people accordingly.

    The roleplay community is both small and large. You are likely to encounter someone you have met on a previous site or group that you have history with. How you deal with that is up to you, but if it is braught to the Roleplay Studio hub staff we will inform you that so long as all parties abide to the site rules and respect the guidl;ines to their best ability, everyone is welcome here. We do not hold infractions or drama outside of our community with any weight. People have the rights to clean slates, second chances and the fact that they are human and can grow and mature from their experiences. If there is an infraction on this site, you are welcome to report it and explain the situation without outside context not relivent to the incident or our site.
    The best practice is to avoid roleplaying with this indavidual and be civil for the sake of others. Rule #1 is always in action, so it is best not to talk about them or the past either otherwise you will be in rule violations.
    of course what we recommend is you rach out to that person to make each other aware you are both here, talk about things in dms, apologize for anything you feel you are at fault for. Most situations are due top communication failures, and it is never too late to mend things in the very least to the point you can coexist in the same space even if you do not become friends or play together. In short, be mature about it, this is not your site, its everyone's.

    Discord Rules

    1. Our discord server is our optional Out-of-Character chat companion. It is where our community communicates, plots, puts out wanted ads and discusses ongoing plots/activity/threads. If you do not use our discord server, you may be missing out a great oppertunity to network of our community.
    2. Our community rules apply on Discord in conjunction with Discord's terms of service and US laws.
    3. Chats should remain in their designated channels. A channel map is provided in the terms of service channel.
    4. Discord activity checks follow the site inactive member – pruning will occur every 6 to 12 months. You are always welcome to return if you get removed as it is never personal, membership on the site is not required to be in the server.
    5. Anything containing violence, nudity, sexual content or otherwise NSFW should be kept in spoiler tags with a clear warning of content. A NSFW channel is provided if you prefer less restriction.
    6. Staff has the right to handle situations accordingly as they arise. Please respect staff decisions and if there are concerns, please feel free to DM or create a ticket.
    Hub Site

    1. No face claims restrictions, players can use the same claims as they wish - if in a public unregulated group, it is recommend you treat same faceclaim characters as "similair" in looks like in real life.
    2. No character approvals are made by the Roleplay Studio staff outside of desicated site groups hosted by the Studio.
    3. No time expectations. Write at your own schedule and communicate with your partners.
    4. There are no word count or writing style restrictions. Communicate what you do, and find partners that match your needs.
    Sub-Community Groups

    1. Sub-communities have the rights to operate independently under the site rulesd with their set of restrictions for roleplay so long as they are respectfull.
    2. Sub group community rules do not negate or avoid site rules. Their rules are considered in conjunction to the site rules, and any attempt to get around site terms of service can result in displinary action.
    3. Sub-groups have the right to go through character apprval process to meet their community lore standards.
    4. Sub-groups have the rights to set time expecations of activity.
    5. Sub-groups have the rights to set expectations of writer's style and word counts.
    6. Subgroups have the rights to to use faceclaim restrictions.

    Guidlines are not rule violations, but strong sugguestions to maintain community hub peace.

    NSFW Content

    Please understand, this is not a pornography or erotica literature site. Adult content is merely accepted as a condition that occurs in fictional collaborative stories under the 90/10 rule. This rule is that 90% of the roleplay is story based, with 10% NSFW content. With this in mind please keep all adverts safe for work (SFW) .

    When to use spoiler tags and NSFW prefixes: The general rule is, if you don't want your toddler, grandmother or boss to read it, then it shoulders probably be cleaned up as SFW or spoiler tagged. This will be moderated with the proper tags and warnings if you fail to do so. Please do not rely on this as it is your responsibility to follow the rules as a member, failure to do so will result in disciplinary action such as a warning until compliant.

    NSFW Forum section While the Roleplay Studio is for adults only, not all adults wish to see NSFW-heavy content outside the 90/10 rule for various reasoning. Some may not be comfortable with it, others may be around family, children, friends, the public, or at work when browsing. For this reason, the Roleplay Studio has an additional section of forums for seeking roleplay advertisements and 'public' forums hidden behind a membership wall and settings. Furthermore, advertising restrictions and the general atmosphere desired of atmosphere on the site require us to keep NSFW-heavy content out of general guest view.

    In this section, you are free to seek out to your heart's content roleplay that breaches the 90/10 policy, including details without the need of spoiler BBC tags. This section will auto-prefix all threads with an NSFW warning, but if it contains more triggering content, please toggle accordingly. Please do not think this forum has no rules, you will still be required to use the trigger warning box on threads and replies as needed to warn onlookers of content before reading on. Please do not abuse this section. This is a roleplay site, and not a place to sext. If the content is in violation of US law, our site terms of service or appears to not be roleplay, it will be moderated.

    To view this section, you must check the box in account details per account/subaccount whether a player or a character to gain access. This is an auto role and cannot be undone self-serve after. If you wish to remove NSFW access, you must file a ticket on the help forum or in the discord help ticket channel.

    Anime and Fandom Roleplay Notice

    By no means does the RP Studio wish to discourage any form of roleplay so long as it is within US law parameters. You are free to seek out anime and fandom to your heart’s content.

    However, it is my duty to inform you that the RP Studio is not focused to catering to this content. The site is focused towards original or ‘inspired by’ content. Our advertising, writeups and member base that we cater to may not provide you an extensive pool of players and characters interested in anime and fandom roleplay. With this information, we hope you make the decision that is best for you moving forward.

    Canon & Wanted Ads

    Canon character ads typicvally pertain to fandom or very sopeciufic homebrew roles withen a specified universe that have pivotal invlunce to a storyline. Wanted character ads are oriognal characters withen any story that play a role in a story pertaining to any specific established character. In erither case, an ad with a write-up about the character is made to which another player can fill the role of and customize aroudn the concept. These are great ways to include people more deeply into roleplay and structure groups and campaigns. As a hub-network, we have no rules on these beyond our standard site rules, but sugguest a few guidlines and knowlage about such roles. The following are NOT hard rules, and they will not be displined but rather advised if we are asked.

    • Players who wish to take a wanted-character ad must contact the player who posted it for permission and details. Staff is not responsible for these ads nor their plots.
    • Canons and Wanted-character ads must adhere to the established AU and lore to which the sotyr pertains.
    • Subgroups specific Canon and wanted-ads for characters should remain in their groups and not be used elsewhere to remain respectful to fellow members of the hub and the origonal creator of the wanted ad.
    • In the event a Canons and wanted character ads that have been absent without communication for 1+ months (or otherwise vacant) are subject to recasting at original owner's discretion. Members have the rights to have their own timeline most comfortble to them and their needs.
    • Canons and Wanted character ads that are filled are expected to adhere to their original writeups to fulfill their design intentions regardless of original content added by the player filling the role.
    • All Canon and wanted-character ads should be written as 'suggestions' and 'foundations' for plots. Outcomes should not be expected or forced. Actions, dialogue, and chemistry all play a role in outcome of scenarios so it is import to remain open minded to all possibilities when both creating wanted-ads and filling them.
    • In the event a member is no longer feeling a canon or wanted ad, or is otherwise aware of a long absence, they should communicate with the ad's origonal owner to dicuss options to relinquish the character for recast out of respect for opther's time and creativity.
    • If you are worried about the standards and guidlines in using or requesting canon or wanted ad characters, it is best to avoid as they can create uneeded drama if communication fails or activity is slow.

    Know your rights:

    Canons and Wanted ads are property of their original creators. However, once a player has filled the role, they retain partial rights to said character roles, but not the characters they are attached to or community lore. Thus, the player may reuse this character outside the community excluding the content they have no rights to; however, this is generally frowned upon and can lead to players or communities kicking, banning, or ostracizing to which this community cannot be held responsible for. We, however, will not enact such extremes as we recognize. We do hold the rights to request chareacter changes are made to the bold who wish to use their rights, to maintain that they are in legal lines. rights of use. However, we will advise strongly to avoid this, reguardless of your rights to use as other players feel strongly that this is a slap in the face and a level of plagerism to use elsewhere without their permission.

    If you want to use the character elsewhere and are concerned about breaching plagiarism rules, please contact staff to get more specific details of what can and cannot be used.

    Roleplay Etiquette

    The following forms of roleplay are not desirable in communities everywhere, including here. Please review the following to ensure you do not break etiquette with other players. If members agree all parties want to break ettitquite for their roleplay, that is up to them! Otherwise it is good to follow these to be on the same page as the average roleplayer.

    1. Godmodding; creating characters with overly developed skills, abilities, education ect, OR, adding such skills in the middle of a roleplay game to benefit the character in such situations to avoid conflict or be the most powerful, smart, influential character in the room. Can also apply to characters not adhering to space, time and gravity.
    2. Powerplaying; controlling another role-player's character in action, dialogue or otherwise any other way without permission.
    3. Metagaming; the use of OOC knowledge in roleplayed actions, behaviors, thoughts. In the case of psychic abilities, it is doing so without the other role-player's permission.
    4. Retconning; erasure or alteration of past events without all player's involved consent.
    5. Neglect; or cherry picking, ignoring the actions or dialogue of a character or situation to benefit one's self. Or, in a group setting, ignoring the existence of a character entirely.
    6. Hijacking and/or Stonewalling; Joining a thread of any kind and using it as a platform for one's own agenda, regardless of the thread focus, which overshadows or blocks the original purpose from developing as intended.
    7. Muse focusing; or partial ghosting; focusing on one thread or character while neglecting others for a prolonged amount of time, 2+ weeks, that leaves others uncertain of what is going on even with communication.
    8. Skipping; replying to a thread or group thread out of established post order turn without other party's consent.
    9. Slugging - Joining a thread or group thread you are aware requires faster paced posting and not replying to the thread in a timely manner effecting all parties with or without intention.
    10. Gutter-posting; writing quick posts full of errors and/or not thoroughly read their partners posts and respond to everything appropriately with quality- generally for the sake of time to keep a story moving but not truly participating in it.

    Roleplay etiquette also includes respecting other role-players while in game.

    • In-character thoughts, feelings, dialogue, actions and beliefs do NOT reflect on the player. Players and their characters are not the same and cannot be held responsible for anything fictitious.
    • At no point is any player required to roleplay with another, including staff, outside of group thread acknowledgments.
    • Comfort levels of writing partners should always be respected and clearly communicated. This includes both triggers and erotic roleplay. Avoiding writing with players because of or trying to persuade players to write what they are not comfortable with is disrespectful.
    Communication, Communication, Communication !!! to be successful in roleplay and avoid as much potential drama as possible, it is important that you utilize communication with your partners and the community as a whole. Avoiding communication because of fear of conflict, interrupting, upsetting, lack of interest, or one being 'too busy' are personal insecurities that ONLY causes miscommunications, assumptions, hurt feelings and conflict. 99% of people are happy to receive DMs, requests, or talk about their threads and share the same fears as you- sometimes even the same thoughts! Additionally, do not talk to others about what you want to talk about with one specific person. The conversation should always first be started with the intended person. Talking to third parties creates biases and conflict whether intended or not.
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