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The RP Studio is founded by players who never could find the right home due to fictional censorship of dark themes and unwelcoming members. After running several groups focused on a single genre and lore, Aisling Studio became a concept for our family to explore more diverse stories across all genres be it 1x1 or lore-based strict groups all in one place.

Our mission is to provide literary freedoms for aspiring authors for solo writing and collaboration (Also known as Play-by-Post Roleplay) where it is safe to express dark themes without censorship while still being built on friendliness, acceptance, and respect.

We are always looking for new friends to join our family and express their own wild imaginations!


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Hello! I have been roleplaying for 20 years now. I used to be a horrible writer with terrible spelling, OP af, with intense emotional drama fitting for the child I was when I got started. Over the years I have matured and grown. I wrote under intense situations with high expectations where stories were consistently linked together in a whole universe. Somewhere in the middle, I began playing a villain and it broke everything I had known about roleplay at the time. Once I was super attached to my characters to the point i wished them no harm or death... but it was in the development of my first villain that I realized the power of character development through harm, isolation, social rejection and war that holding on so tightly prevented something beautiful. Since then I had gone on to run multiple campaigns, groups and developed over 40 different characters.
Horror, Dark and adventure are my favorite genres. Despite being a woman, I primarily play male characters said to be rather authentic such that I have been confused as a male player multiple times.
Now at age 35, I have brushed my hands of doing just one single genre, board or campaign and made this site to house all possibilities under one roof for me and my friends and to be our weird dark selves. I have no intention to compete against other sites or hubs, but if you want to join the fam, I am kind, welcoming and supportive of all writers who want to make their home here among us.

Centipedes, millipedes or otherwise things that have a million-ish legs.

You never know who is on the other side reading, what they have gone through, or what a loved one has gone through. I don't like censoring any content because I think it is important people get represented in literature and in my long life there are more people than not going through something. But I really think for the sake of me and all those people, if you are going to do it... then do it right. Research it with detail and care to understand what is and what is not. and if you are going to deviate, put some disclaimer you intend to take liberties.

Despite what I have been through in life, I don't have a trigger for domestic abuse. But I do get really annoyed or frustrated when it is played inaccurately from both ends as it perpetuates stereotypical ideas people have about it by going too far in exaggerations and not acknowledging the true slow-burn trauma mixed with deep emotional attachments. Or how it can happen to anyone under the right conditions. So if you are gonna play it with me, please do some research and play it accurately - or ask me about it and I am happy to explain.
Likewise, I get frustrated with miscarriages and dealings with infertility. These are really taboo for real people to even talk about as life experiences. To see them brushed over like a Tuesday spilling your coffee just does a horrible injustice in representing something so traumatic.


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