The Roleplay Studio

The RP Studio is founded by players who never could find the right home due to fictional censorship of dark themes and unwelcoming members. After running several groups focused on a single genre and lore, Aisling Studio became a concept for our family to explore more diverse stories across all genres be it 1x1 or lore-based strict groups all in one place.

Our mission is to provide literary freedoms for aspiring authors for solo writing and collaboration (Also known as Play-by-Post Roleplay) where it is safe to express dark themes without censorship while still being built on friendliness, acceptance, and respect.

We are always looking for new friends to join our family and express their own wild imaginations!

The Midnight Oasis

The speakeasy business front of Order of the Black Rose to which the secret society operates. The building in front of the speakeasy is a vintage antique ship called the Antiqe Emporium which the general public sees as a legit business.
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